Creating A Conscious Business Model

In the same way, the conscious business model is going to be largely ineffective unless you, as a business owner and leader, model conscious attitudes and behaviors to your employees and customers.

I believe a business can only be as conscious as its leadership and employees and I have seen this in my own business. Employees take their cues from their managers and those they report to. When you dedicate yourself to consistently making conscious choices and taking conscious actions, you will notice that your employees naturally adopt the practices and behaviors for themselves.

This is how you cultivate and create conscious business.

So what are the behaviors and actions of a conscious business person? Here are a few qualities and characteristics of to consider. . .

A conscious business person:

* Creates a business vision that is appealing and beneficial to all employees and customers as well as the world around them;

* Considers how their personal behaviors and actions affect employees, customers and the world around them;

* Has a positive attitude and makes an effort to live joyfully and peacefully with others;

* Can work through conflict in a healthy, balanced way without becoming offended or angry;

* Avoids domineering or intimidating behaviors and attitudes;

* Focuses on personal growth as well as the personal growth of employees, so that the business environment can continue to benefit from all of the personal development.

When you as a conscious business person lead a company, great things can happen because you are focused on self-development – which helps you become a better human being. The results are an improved quality of life and a business that can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Another benefit to becoming a conscious business person is that like-minded people will be drawn to you. These will be individuals who sense your values and your positive, service-oriented vision. They will desire to have a connection with you, whether as an employee or customer.

And when conscious people come together there is potential for even greater growth, achievement and reward.

On an interesting note, people whose focus in not on being conscious will either adapt to your business culture and make a personal change or will remove themselves from the environment altogether. This allows you to build a strong foundation and continue to grow as a conscious business.

Whether you are just starting on a path to creating a conscious business or are striving to strengthen your conscious business efforts, you have arrived at an exciting time of self-discovery and personal development.

The personal and business rewards are endless as you build meaningful relationships, realize your life purpose and positively impact the lives of others through your work. For more info: