What Is Socially Conscious Business

Socially conscious business practices have been changing the way people conduct their companies and organizations for some time now. As a result, individual lives and communities are being positively impacted and changed along the way.

That said, some business owners remain uncertain about what it means to adopt a socially conscious business model – one that merges spirituality with business strategies. For some, the idea of being a socially conscious business runs counter to the idea of being “for profit.” So what does running a socially conscious business look like?

Well for one, incorporating even a little consciousness into your company can make a big difference and is always better than the alternative – a business that is out of touch with the world around it. With that in mind, here are three key principles I have found to be consistent with running a socially conscious business. These are principles you can start integrating into your business right away, leading to improvements all across the board.

1. As a business owner and/or leader, focus on being true to yourself. It rarely feels good to play an unnatural role in our lives. This type of behavior is typically the opposite of authenticity and tends to repel rather than attract success. Playing a role that is not in your nature creates unnecessary stress and can even contribute to health and relationship problems.

When you are in a position of leadership, focus on playing to your strengths and being transparent to those around you. Revealing your true self and living honestly in your work environment will gain the respect of employees and customers alike. Plus, by setting an example for those around you, it is easier to create a work environment of honesty and realness that is both healthy and productive. This plays a big part in running a socially conscious business.

2. View your employees and/or customers with equality. Sadly, when the “boss” hat is on some individuals believe this gives them the right to look down upon others. Not only is this unfair, it is both a poor and an unconscious business practice. An attitude of superiority or a domineering personality can literally crush the spirit of employees and customers. This usually means high employee turn over and customers who will turn and walk away.

No one likes to be treated like a second-rate citizen. Viewing all employees and customers as equals will positively impact your business. The side benefit is that this attitude will play a big role in bringing peace to your life as well.The bottom line is that you can make a significant impact in your company environment by treating all people with respect. And that is socially conscious business at its best.

3. Mindfulness and Creating Value Increases Profits. When your awareness extends to how your business is affecting your employees, your community and the environment you are in essence focusing on creating value in the largest sense of the word. In fact, when your business becomes squarely focused on creating value, you will likely notice your bottom line increasing. This may be the most important principle of all.

As you release the emphasis solely on “making money” and expand it to include improving your business practices and relationships with others you set in motion a powerful sequence of events. In the end, socially conscious business practices result in your employees and customers staying happy. And the ripple effect as your business gains in goodwill can lead to continued success for years to come. More info here: https://www.amazon.com/Conscious-Business-Build-through-Values/dp/1622032020